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On the 16th of December we will be hosting a lecture featuring neuroscientist Linda Douw who works at the VUmc and the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging in Boston.

She will be discussing primary brain tumors and how their symptoms have a widespread effect on the human body and can cause generalized epileptic seizures through the extensive networks that form our brains. Connectionism in the brain may be the link between molecular alterations caused by the tumor and subsequent changes in behavior seen in patients and the experience of seizures. Read more about Linda Douw here:

As we want to make this lecture available to a wide audience including international students it will be held completely in English. And as an extra note for the N&C master students: this lecture can also count as a seminar for your master program!

Location: Ruppert Wit
Date: December 16
Time: the lecture will start at 19:00 pm.
Price: €3
(Students of the master Neuropsychology who are enrolled in the course ‘Academic Professional’ can attend the lecture for free, as long as they haven’t attended any of the Brainwave activities as part of this course yet).

We hope to see you all there on the 16th!

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