Dear students,

As you may have seen already, for the course Academic Professionals you are all expected  to attend at least one Brainwave activity. This is required to pass the course. This activity will be funded by the university for you.

We, the Brainwave board committee, would therefore like to introduce ourselves to you. Brainwave is a professional dispute of Alcmaeon, focused on neuroscience. This means that we organize activities related to neuroscience psychology. Our activities are orientated in three directions: neuropsychology, applied cognitive psychology and clinical neuropsychology. We will organize activities from symposia, to excursions and lectures.

We will organize one or two activities per month. A few weeks before an activity there will be information about and a registration link for this activity on Blackboard. Note that only a limited number of students can participate per activity. So make sure you register on time to avoid stress at the end of the year.

For questions you can always reach us via email. Or check out our Instagram and Facebook page.


Facebook: Vakdispuut Brainwave

Instagram: uubrainwave


We wish you best of the best in the new Academic Year and hope to see you soon at one of our activities!

Kind regards,

The 10th board committee of Brainwave